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The first post post

Welcome to my blog

You are among the few people to read the first post on this blog.

Maybe even on purpose.

It’s lonely here

First posts seem so lonely. Virtually no one goes back and reads them once a blog is established. People don’t link to them.

But it’s not the first post’s fault. There is usually no real content in a first post. It is supposed to convey  “what this blog is about”, but that becomes self evident from the rest of the posts. What the mission-statement-y first post declares may or may not end up being what the blog is about.

A stake in the ground

That’s ok though, the first post takes one for the team. Something has to be the first post.

So in honor of first posts, here are links to some other first posts. No, I had never been to them before making this post.

And then you have people who just jump right in with no introduction. I’m looking at you Rob Conery and Shawn Wildermuth. Blunt but effective.

Content is king

What might I write about here? Trite but true: what interests me.

As you might guess from the blog name I develop software. So thankfully that interests me or I”d be in the wrong job.

I am also a fan of Getting Things Done (GTD), which has helped me to do more and stress less. I like looking at other productivity / life management ideas too.


If you got down here, kudos and thanks!